when-you-know-better-you-do-betterThere is a quote by Maya Angelou that I just love.  She says, “When you know better, you do better.” According to her wise words, once we’ve learned something that will better our lives, we should act on it.  I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to commit to the lifestyle changes that you know will enhance your life.  I thought about this today when I decided to re-up my Weight Watchers membership.  I like Weight Watchers because their program requires that you track your daily food intake using their PointsPlus system.  Obviously I know the importance of tracking your food.  In fact, I’ve posted about keeping food journals here before. So…since I know better, I really should do better, right?

Call me vain but Spring is upon us and it’s time to do better!  I am re-committing to my weight loss goals and will be using Weight Watchers to help me reach them.  Hell, if J-Hud can do it, so can I!  My lovely mother is also the Captain of a “Walk Across Texas” team of 8 members.  It’s week 3 of 8 and I’m going into high gear to meet my individual goal of 13 miles a week, to help reach our team goal of 830 miles – the distance across Texas.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress but tell me…what are your health and fitness goals?  What do you know better that you should do better?

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