I have been incredibly “aware” of my triceps lately.  Having just turned 30, I guess I’m afraid that before long I won’t need Red Bull to give me wings.  Having flabby bags under your arms is not cute and the area is sometimes difficult to tone, especially for women.  But a little tricep training will tone and shape your arms, making them appear leaner and sexier.  A great exercise to effectively tone the backs of your arms is the tricep dip.

Here’s the scoop…the tricep dip is one of the best tricep building exercises.  A dip is a compound, push-type exercise that’s easy to do and does not require much equipment.  I usually do them at home on the side of the bathtub but you can use a sturdy chair or an aerobic step as well.

Basic Tricep Dip

  • Sit on a bench or a stable chair
  • Position your arms at your sides, shoulder-width apart, with your hands grasping the edge of the chair
  • Next, scoot to the edge and lift up onto your hands to position your bottom in front of the chair with your knees bent and your feet hip-width apart
  • Straighten your arms, allowing only a slight bend in your elbow for tension and to keep your triceps engaged
  • Then slowly bend at the elbow, lowering yourself until your arms reach a 90 degree angle
  • At the bottom of the move, push yourself up again, extending your arms until you’re back in starting position

Be sure to keep your shoulders down and away from your ears, do not shrug them.  Keep your hips close to the chair in order to focus on the triceps, not your shoulders.  To challenge yourself, try extending your legs in front of you to make the dip harder.


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